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Buying a forklift is not something you do everyday. If you are in the market for one, then you must be worried about how to get the best forklift dealers in Kenya. That is not all, the forklift price in Kenya must also be in your mind.

The forklift price in Kenya depends on several factors including; power type, features like tires and safety features. Electric forklifts for instance cost more than internal combustion forklifts. However, electric forklifts require minimal maintenance and therefore the high initial price is justifiable.

As the best forklift dealers in Kenya we can help you find the best forklift for your needs based on several factors. We consider; how high you need to lift, how wide the doors or aisles in your warehouse are, how long the forklift will be used per day, what kind of tires you need, and where the forklift will be needed whether indoors or outdoors.

Besides all of this you also need to consider the best brands to buy and which forklift dealer in Kenya to work with. The thing is you will get a better ROI when you have a dedicated partner to help you make the best use of your investment. That is where our company shines. We don't just sell you a forklift, we help you to through ownership and all other needs you might have after you have made the purchase.

To suit your needs and budget, we offer a wide variety of brands and different operating systems. Also, our forklifts have different capacities from as little as 1 tonne to 25 tonnes. Whatever your application, we are guaranteed to have a forklift that is right for you.

If you would like more information about our forklifts, fill in the contact form or call us on the numbers displayed on the website.