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About us

Companies that succeed invest in efficient processes for their internal logistics. It makes work easier and ensures there is good flow from one department to the next. That is why we started our company and made it our passion to source for and supply state of the art pallet trucks and other related equipment that enhance processes for your business.

As a leader in the industry we offer a wide variety of pallet trucks to meet different needs and budgets. Further, we have products in all types of fabrications including steel, stainless steel and galvanized steel among others. We keep our inventory updated with all the latest products and the best technologies in the market.

We have an experienced team of knowledgeable and experienced sales and technical team that provides you with all the assistance you need when choosing a pallet truck and our other products. We ensure that you enjoy unparalleled customer support guiding you step by step so you land the best pallet truck for your needs.

As experts, we care about your business. Therefore, we are always available and on call ensuring you make the best use of your investment. This extra care coupled with the fact that we stock superior quality products are two of the reasons why we are renowned as the best pallet truck suppliers in Kenya.

Our company was started with the vision of making it easy for you to run your business by streamlining the internal logistics. We hold true to this vision up to date and do everything in our power to ensure you get the products you need to do so.

We have made it easy for you to buy pallet trucks and forklifts with confidence. We are the experts that take the worry off your shoulders.