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About Pallet Truck

Companies that succeed invest in efficient processes for their internal logistics. It makes work easier and ensures there is good flow from one department to the next. That is why we started our company and made it our passion to source for and supply state of the art pallet trucks and other related equipment that enhance processes for your business.

As a leader in the industry we offer a wide variety of pallet trucks to meet different needs and budgets. Further, we have products in all types of fabrications including steel, stainless steel and galvanized steel among others. We keep our inventory updated with all the latest products and the best technologies in the market.

We have an experienced team of knowledgeable and experienced sales and technical team that provides you with all the assistance you need when choosing a pallet truck and our other products. We ensure that you enjoy unparalleled customer support guiding you step by step so you land the best pallet truck for your needs.

Our Pallet Truck Price List

3 tonne - Narrow ( Fork Length 1150mm, Fork Width 550mm) - Ksh 48,000
3 tonne - Wide ( Fork Length 1150mm, Fork Width 685mm) - Out of stock

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Choosing The Best

Pallet truck price in Kenya

Pallet trucks are one of the most popular equipment for handling materials. They offer an excellent solution for lifting both light and heavy loads. The pallet truck price in Kenya depends highly on the capabilities and features of the pallet truck you buy since not all pallet trucks are made equal.

Our range of pallet trucks offers products that will enable you to lift standard Kenyan pallets, euro pallets, UK, and American pallets as well as pallets from the Far East - Asian countries like China, Japan and the rest.

We also stock both wide and narrow pallet trucks which are suitable for different uses. In our wide range of pallet trucks you will also find low profile trucks, Extra long pallet trucks, heavy duty pallet trucks, rough terrain and many others. All of these products are available at different pallet truck prices in Kenya.

Manual or powered pallet trucks?

Pallet trucks are available as either manual or powered pallet trucks. The manual pallet trucks are the most common. This is because they are easy to use, simple in design and affordable.

Powered pallet trucks are more sophisticated and come with an engine that operates the pallet truck. They can either be walk-behind like manual trucks, sit-on or ride-on. The ride-on ones come with a step where the operator stands on when riding the pallet truck. The sit-on ones come with a seat or a foldable platform where the operator sits when operating the pallet truck.

The choice between a manual or powered pallet truck depends heavily on the distance the load will be carried, the working environment you are in, the weight of the load, prolonged working shifts and other such factors.

For prolonged working shifts, carrying heavy loads for long distances, the sit-on pallet trucks are the most ideal.

Light weight to heavy lifting pallets

Pallet trucks do not all have the same capacities. They are designed either for light or heavy lifting. Those that are made for light lifting should not be used to lift loads heavier than what they can manage lest they break.

However, the ones made for heavy lifting will come equipped with stronger hydraulics and other features that make it possible for the pallet trucks to lift and haul heavy weights.

Essential pallet truck features to meet your needs

Steer wheels - most hand pallet trucks come with two main steer wheel options. There are those made of nylon or polyurethane material and others with rubber edged nylon. The choice here mainly depends on the environment in which you will be using the pallet truck.

You need to consider the surfaces you will be working on and the noise levels that you can tolerate when working with the trucks. Rubber edged wheels are best for rough surfaces and smooth surfaces where low noise is required. Nylon on the other hand is best for smooth surfaces and on high-load pallet trucks.

Brakes - most hand pallet trucks do not have brakes but there are certain brands that offer pallet trucks with a hand brake so you are able to stop the trucks with ease. This again depends on the kind of environment you will be working in.

For people who might need to move cargo in places that are not level, having brakes can go a long way to prevent accidents. Inclines are common when loading and unloading cargo. Brakes give you full control when working on inclined surfaces. Also, brakes are important when working with heavy loads in environments where extra caution should be taken to prevent fatal accidents.

Pallet experts you can trust

We are the leading pallet truck suppliers in Kenya with many years of experience in the industry. We have worked with many companies, big and small before. As such, we understand very well what your needs are. With this understanding, we are able to match you with the best product to meet your needs.

As Kenya's top experts in pallet trucks and other material handling equipment, we are always on hand to offer help and advice to ensure you get the pallet trucks that meet your needs and expectations.

The pallet trucks we hold are built to be strong and robust. They can easily cope with any kind of load and different environments without getting damaged. What's more, our products come with industry leading warranties to put your mind to rest that you are getting a quality product.

We have the stock in our different locations around the country. We are ready to ship immediately you place an order so it reaches you the same day or the next day.